dewi evans, standing on a beach holding a window which is pasted with letters from his psychiatrist and councilors

‘Being Bipolar’ draws on Dewi’s experiences of living with a serious mood disorder, and his background as a theatre practitioner who specialises in autobiographic performances and personal encounters. An extension of his piece ‘Poet-Tea @ Home‘, which was performed at All in the Mind Festival 2020, ‘Being Bipolar’ offers participants the chance to have a frank and honest discussion with someone who is mentally ill. Framed as an informal ‘chat’, participants are encouraged to get comfy at home, just like Dewi will be doing, and ask him anything that pops into their heads. This unique opportunity to discuss mental health and mental illness with someone who is mentally ill places lived experienced central, rather than medical knowledge, therapy, or treatment. Resisting a medical gaze, Dewi attempts to show that he is a person, not an illness or collection of symptoms, and how it is possible to live a rich and fulfilled life even when regularly struggling with suicide ideation, depression, mania, and psychosis.  


‘Being Bipolar’ is part of Now and Beyond on 3rd February 2021. Sessions are available at 10am, 11am, 12noon, 2pm and 3pm and are bookable via the Now and Beyond website.