An intimate experience involving spoken word, poetry, and light refreshments.

‘Poet-Tea @ Home’  was performed as part of Fluid Motion’s All In The Mind Festival 2020. The piece invited members of the public to view the poetry of Dewi Evans, before offering them the chance to speak with Dewi and discuss one piece of his writing in detail. Over the 10-minute conversation, just enough time to enjoy a drink with Dewi, the visitor was able to discuss the poem that they have chosen, the context that surrounds the piece, and its themes. ‘Poet-Tea @ Home’ offered members of the public a limited glimpse into the home, and life, of the artist as well as the chance to discuss their work in a highly personalised setting. At the end of the 10-minute encounter, Dewi read the piece that the visitor had selected in a private and totally unique spoken word performance. Developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic and the popularity of his installation/performance piece Shedding My Mental Illness, ‘Poet-Tea @ Home’ offers unique access to an artist in their ‘native habitat’ where their work is created, developed and refined but rarely shared.

Some of the pieces included in Poet-Tea @ Home included: