An Autobiographic Ramble Through History, Site, Family, and My Madness In Aberystwyth

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Depression, Psychosis, and Suicide Ideation.


Dewi’s first experience of depression and psychosis was in Aberystwyth. His first suicide attempt took place on Constitution Hill. Luckily Judi Dench and Ian McKellen saved his life – or at least Dewi’s hallucinations of them did! Charting his experience of mental illness whilst studying at the university, his time visiting relatives in Aber as a small boy, and a family history woven into the town’s fabric, this walking tour come performance explores how madness, history, site, and family can change a place you know and love. Starting outside Aberystwyth Train Station A Ramble Through Aberystwyth OR On Being Insane in Sane Places takes audiences on a literal journey around the town, through its history, and into a personal experience of madness that resulted in a clinical diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.


A Ramble Through Aberystwyth OR On Being Insane in Sane Places is a part guided tour, part confessional performance, part biography, and part family history. This piece forms part of Dewi’s practice-based PhD study at Queen Mary University of London.


Performed every first Saturday and Sunday between April and October at 13.00 the piece starts outside Aberystwyth Train Station and finishes at Constitution Hill.