Audience Feedback

‘Shedding My Mental Illness’ invites the audience to peer through the window into the work, life and mind of its creator Dewi Evans.  As we look through the glass, so we can begin to wonder what it’s like to be a person with mental ill health who is subjected to ‘observation’ without consent.  As mere onlookers, can we really know what a person is thinking or feeling simply by watching what they do?  And who is it that defines behaviours as ‘normal’ or not?  Would any of us pass a test of acceptability if our behaviours were watched and scrutinised under a constant clinical glare, especially when permission for such intrusion hasn’t been given? Continuing in the tradition of Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl, Dewi’s writing shed brings forth words, ideas and reflections that are transformative in how we view mental ill health and what we think of those who receive a diagnosis of being different.

Joanna Foster BA (Hons) Oxon  PGC, Managing Director, Fabtic (working with at-risk children, specialising in juvenile firesetting behaviour)

‘I would have liked to have stayed and chatted, but I had to head straight home and blub like a baby for a couple of hours. [The] work genuinely touched me’

Anonymous Audience Member